Why do we need Rare?

Creative and tech departments across the country are lacking in diversity of gender, colour, class, preference and perspective, especially at the top. Being a minority brings about a set of issues that many aren’t equipped to deal with, leading to great talent dropping out of the industry prematurely.

The Rare masterclass hopes to address these issues and give diverse creative talent the tools they need to succeed in the creative and tech industries, and ensure that they are equipped to overcome succeed in workplaces that aren’t reflective of who they are.

When is Rare?

Rare is being hosted over five days from November 20 – 24.

Where is Rare?

Rare is taking place at the studios of renowned creative collective, The Glue Society, in Sydney.

How did Rare come about?

Rare is the brainchild of two of Australia’s leading creative directors, Stefanie DiGiavincenzo of Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, and Tara McKenty of Google.

Drawing from their own personal experience of being a minority in creative departments in Australia and across the globe, they recognised the need for someone to take a stand and provide the final piece of the diversity puzzle in equipping diverse creative talent with tangible tools and skills they can use in the workplace.

Who are the speakers at Rare?

The Rare program has been developed in partnership with Berlin School, with the lineup of speakers including BBDO India Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, Josy Paul, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Amusement Park, Jimmy Smith, Apple’s UK Lead on Beats by Dre, Emily Kortlang, and stencil artist, Vexta, among a host of other local and international creative leaders. You can find a full list of speakers under the Practitioners section.

How do I purchase a ticket?

To apply for a ticket, head to the Apply section and submit an application. There’s only 80 spaces available so applicants will be subject to a review and approval process.

What happens if I can’t make it?

If you can’t make those dates or can’t get the time off work, go through the application process and we’ll provide you with access to exclusive content from Rare via email after the event. The Rare Closing Party is open to all members of the public which is on Thursday the 23rd of Novemer from 6pm

Who’s supporting Rare?

RARE wouldn’t be possible without the support of its incredible partners, notable D&AD and Berlin School, as well as founding partners: Maud, Google, The Glue Society, Alt/Shift.

Where do the profits from Rare go?

All proceeds from Rare will be put towards grants and initiatives that further deliver on Rare’s objective to boost diversity in creative industries.

Is Rare going to take place in other locations?

Rare is launching in Sydney, with the intention to expand to other locations in the future.