5 rare minds will be given unprecedented access to the best of the D&AD Festival — an experience that will propel their careers and inspire them towards their greatest potential.

Rare Access

The Experience

5 nights at The Ace hotel

Stay where the D&AD Judges stay, a stone’s throw from the festival.

Attend the Judge’s welcome dinner

A chance to network with some of the world’s most influential creative leaders.

Shadow the juries

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how juries work, and how the work is awarded.

Top tier delegates pass to the festival

Access all areas and be inspired by all that is to take in at Truman Brewery.

One judge becomes a mentor

Receive a career mentor from the D&AD judging line-up.


5 Rare Access passes are available. To apply for one, complete your application below, and we’ll be in touch shortly.


What is Rare Access?

The most incredible, career-shaping experiences are usually reserved for those who have the most influential connections. You need to have gone to the right school. Socialised in the right circles. And often that means, you need to be a rich, straight, white guy.

Rare Access changes all that.

Established in partnership with the world’s top festivals and conferences, Rare Access brings minorities into the fold – offering the kind of experiences, insights, and networks that can propel their careers.

Can I nominate someone other than myself?

Yes, absolutely. Simply state the name of the person you’re nominating in the ‘What makes you Rare’ field as you fill out the application.

Will Rare Access appear at festivals other than D&AD?

Yes. Plans are already in works to offer unprecedented access to top creative, tech, film, art and media festivals around the world. All will be announced on this site, and on our social media accounts. So keep an eye out for future Rare Access initiatives.

How do I apply?

To apply for a Rare Access pass, head to the ‘Apply’ section and submit an application. There are only 5 places available, so applicants will be subject to a review and approval process.

What happens if I’m accepted?

You’ll be put in contact with the Rare Access team. They’ll be your point of contact and support throughout the entire experience — planning your itinerary in detail, arming you with all the information you need, and accompanying you and the other Rare Access recipients to all of your engagements.