Emelda Davis

Emelda Davis expertise are in Media and Community development for grassroots focussed Indigenous/ASSI organisations having worked for Federal and State agencies. Emelda’s role as president of the Australian South Sea Islanders - Port Jackson (ASSIPJ) since 2009 has seen the revival of ‘The Call for Recognition’ through five Wantok national workshops between 2012-2015, development of the ASSI National Association constitution, collaboration on NSW Parliament motion by Alex Greenwich Member for Sydney. In 2015 Emelda received the NSW Council for Pacific Communities Award in ‘Community Events’ and ‘Stronger Families’ category. 2015-2017 development and registration of The Lillian Crombie Foundation (TLC) as a board member to assist Indigenous and broader communities facing hardship. 2016 Sydney Local NSW Women of the Year for coordination of Vanuatu and Fiji cyclone disaster relief and continued work in light of her people. 2017 Emelda was the guest speaker for ActionAid Australia ‘She Is The Real Hero’ Celebratory March; World Humanitarian Day. Emelda is currently Masters of Arts research candidate at the University of Technology-‘Children of the Sugar Slaves’ and is a finalist for the 2017 Rotary Inspirational Women’s Awards.